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Firstly an apology for the late post, Richard and myself had to miss our weekly visit out due to us having a poorly dog, after a day in the vets and being scoped, x-rayed and every other test you can think of and a great lightening of the wallet. She seems considerably better at the moment, we are just waiting for the results of some tests taken.

Osprey Duty. 27 th April.
I was on duty again but this time with another lady, Kathy, another
delightful volunteer with a wonderful sense of humour.

So having left home at about 14.15 I headed for Rutland Water and travelling through our Little Owl sites, having visited all the sites and seeing nothing, the weather was somewhat poor and by the time I arrived at Rutland it was pouring with rain. So I decked myself out in my waterproof clothing, put the camera into my backpack and headed into the Lyndon centre out of the weather. I met up with Kayleigh and John Wright and then my fellow conspirator Kathy arrived so after a chat and the rain steadying up, we decided to head for Waderscrape Hide and the Ospreys.

After a steady walk down and calling in at Tufted Duck Hide we arrived to take over from the previous couple and were told that 33/11 had just arrived back with a reasonable trout and was sitting on his favourite  fallen tree and having his fill. The previous volunteers got  underway back to the centre and we started our watch. The first thing we had to note was that 33 had decided to take his fish to the female but dropped it as he took off. After this he messed about for the rest of the afternoon, this even though it was obvious she wanted some food and was telling him so.  

On my return trip I saw a Barn Owl in a tree where we have seen it before but then near to Little Owl Site No. 1, I saw a Little Owl in an area where we have never seen a bird previously so another site to keep an eye on. 

An update on the Barn Owls in our garden.

We have had the camera on in the box this afternoon and the little beauty is sitting on six eggs, this is the most we have ever had so we must have plenty of food in the area.  

Male Osprey 33/11 on his favourite fallen tree.

This is the position of the bird when we arrived at Waderscrape Hide, he had not been back from his fishing trip for many minutes.
Please remember this bird is 370 metres from the hide.  

Here he has just been joined by a Corvid, and was about to fly to the nest to give the fish to the female when he dropped the fish;

So he flew straight to the nest almost to rub it in, with sorry dear no tea, I dropped it ???

He then flew from the nest onto the adjacent T post and had a quick preen. 

He then had a quick fly around the bay and washed his feet. 

And returned to the T post. 

He then flew onto his favourite fallen tree again, probably to look for the fish he had dropped.

And eventually flew away and looked as if he was going fishing for some food for the female, so we made a note of the time to enter into the daily log when we were sure.  

So after about twenty minutes we made the entry into the daily log that the male had gone fishing. 


About five minutes later he returned  with some more hay for the nest. The number of times these male birds catch you out on duty, you put then down as away fishing and they have just gone on a jolly!! 

So another entry had to be changed in the book. 

Great Crested Grebe, Tufted Duck Hide.

This bird was swimming about 30 metres away so had to get an image, and you have to be quick before they dive. 

7th May 2017

I managed to get a quick visit in in the afternoon as the weather was beautiful, the sun was shining and the temperature was 18 deg. I managed to get away from home for 12.30 hrs and went the direct route through without visiting the Little Owl sites and arrived at 13.30 hrs.

I went directly to the bridge over the feeder stream and met up with two ladies who told me they had been on site since mid morning. Once was dressed in a totally camouflaged outfit. the other was in twin set and pearls but were a lovely pair of ladies. I asked had they seem the Kingfisher at the bridge, answer no!!. They then told me what they had seen and then I asked have you seen any Ospreys, we had our lunch over in the area by the low fence {this is where I normally see the birds} and told me  that whilst eating, three Ospreys had turned up and had given them a fishing display.

I spent the rest of the afternoon in my normal area where the ladies had been awaiting a visit by the Ospreys, I had Kestrels, Ravens, Red  Kites and numerous other species and I wanted to be away for 15.45 to get home and get my wifes evening meal. At 15.40 an Osprey eventually arrived, very high and moving at great speed, I managed one reasonable image as it  headed down the reservoir towards the area of the dam. I got back in the car and decided I hadn't got the time to chase the bird so I headed for home after a delightful afternoon, it had also become windy again hence the speed of the Osprey.  


This in the area where we normally see the Ospreys, this bird was hunting at a considerable height so I was amazed after cropping greatly as to how the images turned out.  

Coot at the inlet Bridge .

This bird was busying itself just down stream of the bridge.

Canada Goose, by the inlet Bridge .

In the long grass by the bridge and just stuck its head up occasionally, took the image  of the head up in one of these moments.

Red Kite.

Several of these birds flew about but this was the only one at a reasonable height and was making it easier for me by flying into the wind.

Mute Swans having an argument.

Two swans flew in and this bird for a reason only known to him, flew in and attacked to bird to the rear of he two. 


This was my one and only Osprey of the day, I cannot see any blue coloured ring. 

Thank you for your visit, I hope you have enjoyed the images as much as I did in the getting of them


  1. The Osprey is fabulous John, and Red Kite, what a season you have done.

    1. Hi Bob and thank you for your visit, I had waited most of the afternoon for the Osprey to arrive and then just as I was about to leave, this on turns up. Always wonderful to see but it was down the other end of the reservoir in next to no time. All the best, John

  2. Que maravilla de reportaje, los retratos del Podiceps cristatus son espectaculares!!! Todo lo mejor desde España.

  3. Some super images here, John. I see what you mean about the Kestrel - wonderful stuff!

    Looking forward to our Osprey duty together on Thursday. I hope the cloudy windy weather forecast for Oakham that day is wrong!

    See you soon - - - Richard

    1. Hi Richard, the forecast keeps changing for Thursday, lets hope it changes again for the better, should be a good afternoon anyway and give us time for a catch up. The Kestrel was a really lucky shot, it was up high and just managed to catch it. Had the camera on again yesterday and bless her she sits on her six eggs. See you soon. John

  4. Super shots again. Really like the Kestrel and Red kite inflight. Love the coot in the rippling water catching the different colours of the water and the swan showing a bit of aggression! The Grebe is great and Osprey awesome. What no Owls!! Pleased about your Barn Owls - six eggs. Wow! M

    1. Hi Margaret, I was so glad I visited Eyebrook on Sunday and got the extra images. Fond of the Grebe myself, they have such a wonderful eye. Only saw one Little Owl on the previous thursday and it was dark by then. Had the camera on in the Owl Box and bless her she was sitting and turning the eggs, some time to go before we have young. See you both soon. John

  5. My goodness, you have your always exceptional photos for us to enjoy John. It made for interesting reading too, almost as if I was there enjoying these beauties myself. Thank you so much!

    1. I came back to wish you well John, do hope you feel much better. This also gave me another opportunity to enjoy your amazing photos. Thank you and wishing you good health.

    2. Hi Denise and thank you for both comments, so good to have people comment on the blog especially when they enjoy the content. I am going back to the doctor tomorrow as the infection is still hanging around. Thank you again for the good wishes. John

  6. Hi John,
    Very lucky to read that your dog was so sick. Fortunately, the dog is doing better, but your wallet is indeed a lot lighter !!! We all love it for the dog ;-)

    You could make a beautiful series of osprey. In the tree, but also flying and it's not easy to photograph. The fist looks bright and the pictures of the kestrel could put you in close proximity to the picture. Zio also shows the beautiful details in the feathers.
    The Red Wouw is absolutely fantastic. This is truly a beautiful bird! I hope to see this as well. The swans who look up from the water are also very nice. Your last photo of the flying osprey deserves a plume: -)

    Best regards, Helma

  7. Hi Helma, our dogs appears to be considerably better thank you, she's such a lovely girl and is worth every penny. The Osprey images at the nest and tree are such long distance images, not like the last image that was at about half the distance. Pleased you liked the Kestrel, they are such a beautiful bird. Red Kites are reasonably common with us these days. All the best, John. Sorry for the late reply but I have had a horrible kidney infection and feeling awful. John

  8. Hi John: I am very happy to hear that your dog is improving and will, I hope, soon be back to normal. And I am thrilled to hear that you have a Barn Owl with six eggs. As you say this is probably a bona fide indication that the biomass of prey is good. With luck you will have six new children soon!

  9. Hi David and thank you for the visit, it is one of the dogs you met {the younger one} when you had a visit. The Barn Owls are wonderful news, we think they are different birds to when you sat and saw a bird. I am not putting the camera on as regular as previous in case it bothers them. looking forward to them hatching, all six of them and then fledging. All the best to you both. John.

  10. Hello John,
    First I sincerely wish all the best for your dog, I hope she gets very much better soon, I know how much place in the heart dogs can take!!
    Brilliant report on the Osprey male and his chores, it must be fun to note what he does and observe how clumsy they can be! I doubt he got that fish back, I imagine he'd rather go fishing for a fresh one!
    Great kestrel close-ups and the Red kite always a good catch!
    I wish a lovely weather, here it dull and rainy!
    Warm regards :)

    1. Hi Noushka, our dog appears considerably better and has her last{hopefully} visit to the vet tomorrow. The Male Osprey is being better at hanging on to his fish as they are feeding young that appear to be growing well. He didn't bother getting the fish back. Glad you enjoyed the Kestrel. I have had a wicked kidney infection hence no post but we have barn owls in one of our nest boxes in the garden so they make soon make a post. Three young to day with two eggs still to hatch. All the best to you and hope you had a good break. John

  11. Osprey are magnificent birds. It’s really good news that they are breeding successfully at Rutland Water. They need all the help that we can give them to increase the number of breeding pairs. Your photos are brilliant, by the way. I love the in-flight shot of the male taking more nesting material back to the nest.

    Elvira Mullins @ Nelson Vets

  12. Hi Elvira and thank you for the visit and comment. The birds are very successful at Rutland and the numbers are building. Not sure as to where you live, but a visit to Rutland would be worthwhile to see these wonderful birds. They always catch you out, you think they have gone fishing and then later turn up with more hay. All the best, John


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