Monday, 16 March 2020


Blue Tit on Feeder.

On Arrival it soon became evident that who ever filled the feeders had forgotten to replace the lid on this peanut feeder, as much as I  am against getting feeders in my images, I just could not resist this birdhaving its fill.

Into the feeder and grab a nut. 

And then away as quick as possible. 

Coal Tit near the Feeders.

Several of these delightful little birds were about during my visit. 

Great Tit, Near Feeders.

Again about in reasonable numbers.

Great Tit and Blue Tit.
These birds are waiting to get on the feeders.

Another bird waiting to dive into the Peanuts,

Blue Tit Waiting to get into the Peanuts

They are really such a delightful little bird  whether you see them out in the countryside  or in the garden.


This bird cleverly waited under the feeders picking up the bits dropped by the other birds.


As I had already eaten my packed lunch at Eyebrook i headed for the footpath and headed into the garden  where the birds are fed. Having walked down the footpath and entered the garden, the gent who owns the house and garden was on the far side  of the plot doing some repairs to a shed roof, I gave him a quick wave and he  did likewise.The birds did not come as close as previous, as to this being down to it being very windy I am not sure,but I still saw so many birds

again, it was astounding.

On several occasions collisions between birds were only averted at the last second.

 One day I will stay that much later for when Arthur feeds the birds, I think that will be really something.

Thank you for your visit, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did in the getting of the images.
I hope we will all still be able to get out and watch our birds because of the problems caused by this Corona virus, fingers crossed we all survive .

About Me;

Titus White:
Hi I am Richard Peglers friend Titus White, and those who follow Richards posts will understand the name and reason for it. I have been birding with Richard for 3 years and a volunteer at Rutland Water on the Osprey Project for 2 years. My early images were taken on a Nikon D80 with a 70 - 200mm lens. I updated the lens to a 70 - 300mm VR lens but still was not happy with the results. Eventually when Nikon announced the D7100 I decided to change so upgraded the camera and also invested in a Sigma 50 - 500mm lens.
I first met Richard through Arthur Costello as I was having the occasional visit from Little Owls on our land. We eventually found the Little Owls through another contact about 100 metres away. Photo's will follow on future posts.
I have recently upgraded my camera to full frame, this is a challenge I am at the moment enjoying trying to get the best out of the beast.
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