Friday, 3 April 2020

I as awoken last Friday the 27th very early in the morning with a terrible crippling pain in my right groin, as the day went on the pain got worse so we eventually  called  our Doctors and it was decided by late afternoon to send an ambulance and to admit me to the Leicester General Hospital, the last place I wanted to be with this awful Corona virus about. they apparently had only four small wards open, these being wards 26, 27, 28 and 29, the Maternity hospital was fully open but not for me. I was placed on Ward 29 a male surgical admission ward, on arrival I had all the normal tests and then about 21.30 hrs I was sent for a CT scan, on my return I found my consultant, an absolutely delightful gentleman waiting for me and he proceeded to take some blood, upon asking as to why he said you will be having surgery very soon and we need  your blood group ,just in case, after this they filled me with morphine to sort out the pain, the next thing I remember was entering the operating theatre and talking with the surgeon and the lady anaesthetists, the next thing after this was waking up and I was back on the ward and being told the surgery had taken 2 hours, still unaware as to what they had done. I apparently had  an incarcerated Hernia that had done some other damage that will have to sorted out at a later date after this virus has departed.  Having been on the ward until the afternoon of Sunday the 29 th my consultant visited me  and told me I was to move from the admission ward to the general ward 27 for a few days unless I wanted to go home, I opted for the home option so my drains were were very quickly removed and  my dressings were replaced, a discharge letters to my GP  was prepared and letters for the District nurse to visit  and check me and change my dressings, so by 20.00 hrs I was in a Taxi and heading for home. this was a real shock for my poor wife who had no idea as to what had been going on during Sunday  only then to be informed I was coming home, I think it put the fear of god into her such a short time after my operation. I can only but thank my Consultant Mr. Deepe J Maide,    all the Doctors and Nurses on Ward 29 for the  way I was looked after and sent home almost in one piece.
I am still suffering a reasonable amount of  pain but as the District Nurse  its still early days and I am taking the medication I was sent home with which is helping.


I decided to have  an afternoon visit to the Reservoir as it would be  hopefully devoid of people, which it was, having been on site fo about twenty minutes and seeing very little  a voice suddenly made me jump with hello John, it was my GP doctor Sill   out for a bike ride with his two children he had been on duty at the village surgery in the morning whilst his wife looked after the children they then reversed duties, he had the children and she took an afternoon surgery, we had a long distance chat for a while whilst his children ate a picnic and he then  was away as he had to take take the  evening surgery.

Male Goldeneye, sitting near to a Mute Swan on the Overflow weir.

This duck did not move whilst I was on the Dam near the overflow.

Pair of Mallard.

This pair walked along the top of the overflow, unfortunately not much else to see.
So on my way home I visited Cropston Reservoir and saw an Osprey at the far end but unfortunately  straight into the sun so no image.


I decided on the following Thursday to have another visit with the Red Kites, I could get my images out of the car window and keep myself isolated and safe. I have a feeling this could be my last visit for a considerable time. I admit to having had the most wonderful time with these birds in this beautiful little village.

Several white wing tagged birds were around during the afternoon.

Another East Midland tagged bird.

This bird flew directly over the top of the car but only came into view about 60 metres away but most certainly had me spotted, unfortunately I was not as alert.

This bird flew parallel to the road but about  40 metres away so I started to track it with the camera only to come to a sudden stop as the lens hit the left side of the open window and I pressed the shutter button, more through surprise than intent.


Upon leaving the Red Kites I had a visit to Eyebrook  to see if any of the Osprey had arrived, we have eleven adults arrived at Rutland Water and the Manton Bay pair are already sitting on two eggs. 

Blue Tit.

As much as I dislike images of birds on feeders, I just could not resist this one.

Great Tit.

These birds were about the tree all afternoon.

Chaffinch Female.

Kept themselves out of the open, difficult to get a clear shot.

Male Chaffinch.

Several birds on the ground picking up the seed dropped from the feeders by other birds.

Osprey Nest Site 'O'.

This when I first arrived but no sign of any Osprey.

An hour later and a gull in residence, having just checked on the volunteer web site we have eleven adult birds returned but neither of the Site O birds have as yet returned.

Thank you for your visit, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did in the getting of the images.

I think this could be my last post for a while until we are allowed back out I intend to stay with my wife in isolation. May we all survive these awful times and return to normality.

About Me;

Titus White:
Hi I am Richard Peglers friend Titus White, and those who follow Richards posts will understand the name and reason for it. I have been birding with Richard for 3 years and a volunteer at Rutland Water on the Osprey Project for 2 years. My early images were taken on a Nikon D80 with a 70 - 200mm lens. I updated the lens to a 70 - 300mm VR lens but still was not happy with the results. Eventually when Nikon announced the D7100 I decided to change so upgraded the camera and also invested in a Sigma 50 - 500mm lens.
I first met Richard through Arthur Costello as I was having the occasional visit from Little Owls on our land. We eventually found the Little Owls through another contact about 100 metres away. Photo's will follow on future posts.
I have recently upgraded my camera to full frame, this is a challenge I am at the moment enjoying trying to get the best out of the beast.
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