Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Richard and myself had planned a visit out last Thursday the 9th of February, however Richard finished having to cancel due to a visit to the dentist and so I had a short trip out and saw very little, it was a dull misty and very cold day and I saw only a single Little Owl, all the rest were keeping themselves well tucked away out of the weather. So when on Monday the 13th the sun decided to shine and Waxwings were reported in a nearby village, I made my way to visit straight after lunch. On arriving at Glenfield I searched around the reported area where the birds had been seen and eventually after about twenty minutes I located about fifty of these delightful birds. I then had another visit on the 14th as 150 of the birds had been reported, in fact on site we had approximately 70 birds in the tree after the apples and a second flock of 90 birds that were very mobile all the time I was about.

When checking the distance on Google Earth, the tree was a Drive and three gardens away, just over 30 metres from the entrance we were taking the images from. For the distance I was shooting over I am reasonably happy with the results. 

I somehow had unfortunately put the camera on to JPEG images so I have not been able to do a great deal with them while processing, not sure as to how this happened but must keep a check in future. 


Glenfield, 13th February.

A slightly cropped image from the above header showing the concentration of birds we had in the apple tree. 

Cropped a considerable amount more showing six birds.

What are you doing with my apples.??? 

As you can tell I was spoilt for choice, I had birds everywhere. 

They would come to the tree and have a fill of apples and then fly to two Silver Birch trees on the verge outside to have a rest and digest the food. 

A bit of a tussle, but why? plenty of apples all over the tree.

They really are a beautiful bird.

 Thank you for your visit, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did in the getting of the images.

I have had another visit and this time checked the camera so these are shot in RAW.


  1. I love the header, John. I can see that those apples provide a real challenge to Waxwing photography - they're so large and bright that they tend to steal the show. Pleased to see that you managed some without. I seem to remember that I once managed to accidentally put my camera into .jpg mode - very frustrating!

    See you tomorrow - let's hope for some fair weather!

  2. Hi Richard, thought the header would show the amount of birds and apples, apples show up better then the birds!!. Glad I'm not the only one to have somehow got into the wrong mode. Weather is looking reasonable for tomorrow, lets keep the fingers crossed,we will have to get used to taking images with the sun, See you in the morning John

  3. Fantastic Waxwings John, beautiful shots of them, I love them.

    1. Hi Bob, sorry if I am putting so many images of Waxwings on the blog must must admit I am totally enthralled with the birds, plus it also helps to have some sun for a short time and they were close to home. Saves an hours journey to Rutland. All the best and thanks for the visit. John

  4. Que buen reportaje del Bombycilla garrulus, las fotos son fantásticas. Un abrazo desde España.

    1. Hola German,y gracias por la visita, he disfrutado mucho viendo tantos Waxwings este ano, son un pajaro tan hermoso. Esperemos que se queden un poco mas tiempo y luego los Ospreys regresaran. Todo lo mejor Inglaterra. John

  5. I love these bird shots John. The apples are a super splash of color and those waxwings are gorgeous. Hope Richard's dental appointment went well.

    1. Hi Denise, they really are such a beautiful bird and to see them in such numbers was a delight and the apples added to the colour as well as a food source to attract the birds. Richard unfortunately finished up with having a tooth removed, OUCH. All the best. John

    2. Poor Richard, I wish him well :) Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

    3. Hi Denise, He is feeling considerably better but had a rough few days, your latest post looks very tasty, will leave a comment. All the best. John

  6. Fantastic images and so colourful! It must have been wonderful to see so many Waxwings nearby in between such dismal weather. M

    1. Hi Margaret, as you say it was wonderful to see so many of these beautiful birds and so near to home, it looks as if some of them have moved to Beaumont Leys. Thanks for the visit. Hope the Concert went well last night and you are feeling OK after yesterdays battering. All the best. John

  7. Hi John,
    These are beautiful photos of the equally beautiful Bohemian Waxwing.
    Beautifully as they sit in the apple trees and eating. The farmer from whom the apple trees are will not be so happy but the pictures are therefore very beautiful.
    I enjoyed these photos.

    I hope that a visit to the dentist time being does not need more;-)

    Cordial greetings,


  8. Hi Helma, They are such a beautiful bird that I find a delight in watching, the people who own the tree were not happy, not because the apples were being eaten but because of all the birdwatchers turning up to watch the birds. So pleased you enjoyed the images. Have a good weekend, all the best. John

  9. HAHAHA!!! Yours photos are really getting on my nerves!!!!!
    Gee, I would be so happy to take such shots, lucky you!!!
    Still on the Atlantic coast and having fun with my friends although interesting species have not yet arrived.
    Keep well John, and enjoy your WE :)

  10. Hi Noushka and sorry for getting on your nerves, we still have numerous flocks around the area but these two have been the largest with 160 birds being the most seen. Glad you are having a good time with your friends on the coast, it will do you good, hope you manage some good images and look forward to seeing them. You have a wonderful break. John

    1. Thanks John!!
      I won't touch my camera before you send me a pair of these waxwings!!! Ha!!!
      Warm hugs and enjoy your week!

  11. Hi Noushka, have had a quick word with some of the birds and have told them to head South. Keep an eye out for them. Have a good week. John


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